The Craze for iPhone 15 Leads to Violence in Delhi

The craze for the newly launched iPhone 15 has reached a fever pitch, with people going to extreme lengths to get their hands on the coveted device. In a shocking incident in the Roop Nagar area of Delhi, two individuals resorted to violence after not receiving their booked iPhones on time. The incident took place on Saturday and has raised concerns about the growing obsession with technology.

iPhone 15

The altercation unfolded when the two aggrieved customers confronted the showroom employees, expressing their frustration over the delay in receiving their booked iPhones. The situation quickly escalated, and the employees were assaulted by the enraged individuals. The incident came to the attention of the local authorities, and the police promptly arrived at the scene to intervene.

The accused individuals, identified as Jaskirat Singh and Mandeep Singh, were apprehended by the police. They are now facing charges of disturbing the peace. In addition to detaining the culprits, the police also took statements from the showroom staff to gather more information about the incident.

The police investigation is currently underway, with the authorities reviewing the CCTV footage to gather evidence and ascertain the sequence of events. Jaskirat and Mandeep, both residents of Nirankari Colony, had booked their iPhone 15s from the Croma store located on Bungalow Road. The expected delivery date was set for the 22nd of September.


  • The craze for iPhone 15 has sparked violence in Delhi.
  • Two individuals assaulted showroom employees after not receiving their booked iPhones on time.
  • The police have arrested the accused and are investigating the incident.
  • The incident highlights the growing obsession with technology.

The incident in Delhi serves as a stark reminder of how the allure of the latest gadgets can drive people to extreme behavior. As technology continues to advance and consumer demand surges, it is crucial for companies and consumers alike to prioritize safety and maintain a respectful environment. A healthy enthusiasm for new products is expected, but it should never escalate to violence or harm.

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