Royal Enfield continues to cement its status as a global leader in the classic motorcycle segment, and the forthcoming launch of the Classic 650 Twin is a testament to its ongoing innovation. Once on the market, the Classic 650 Twin will face sparse direct competition, with its closest rival being the significantly pricier Kawasaki Z650RS.

A Bigger, Bolder Classic

The Classic 650 Twin will be a larger sibling to the well-loved Classic 350, featuring a robust 650cc engine. Leaked documents reveal that Royal Enfield has trademarked the name “Classic 650 Twin,” indicating its official entry into the lineup. The new model retains the timeless aesthetics that have made the Classic series a household name, while boasting a beefier frame and enhanced features suitable for the 650cc segment.

Design and Construction

Spy shots of the production-ready test mules showcase a striking resemblance to the Classic 350, but scaled up to fit the larger engine and frame. The Classic 650 Twin will ride on the same platform as the Super Meteor 650, diverging from the platform used by the Interceptor 650. This foundation will ensure a handsome and sturdy build, complete with dual pea-shooter exhausts finished in chrome, maintaining the classic look.

  • Chassis: Shared with the Super Meteor 650 and the newly launched Shotgun 650.
  • Suspension: Conventional RSU telescopic front forks and twin rear shocks.
  • Lighting: LED headlights, but without the more advanced Tripper navigation display found in other models.

Engine and Performance

At its core, the Classic 650 Twin will house the same 648cc parallel-twin oil-cooled engine seen in Royal Enfield’s other 650cc offerings. This engine is celebrated for its reliability and performance, delivering 47 bhp of power and 52Nm of torque. Complemented by a slip and assist clutch and a 6-speed gearbox, the Classic 650 Twin promises a well-rounded riding experience.

Competitive Positioning

While not as feature-rich as the Super Meteor 650 or the Shotgun 650, the Classic 650 Twin is expected to be competitively priced, sitting between the Interceptor 650 and the Super Meteor 650. This positioning will make it an attractive option for buyers looking for a classic motorcycle with a larger engine but without the premium price tag.

Key Insights:

  1. Unique Positioning: The Classic 650 Twin will be priced competitively within Royal Enfield’s 650cc lineup, offering an alternative to the more feature-loaded models.
  2. Classic Design with Modern Enhancements: Maintaining the iconic Classic series aesthetics, it features modern upgrades like LED headlights and a sturdy chassis.
  3. Proven Engine Performance: The 648cc parallel-twin engine, delivering 47 bhp and 52Nm of torque, ensures a powerful yet reliable ride.
  4. Practical Features: While lacking some high-end features like the Tripper navigation display, it includes practical elements like a slip and assist clutch and conventional suspension setups.
  5. Anticipated Launch: With extensive testing already underway, the Classic 650 Twin is poised for a 2024 launch, adding another gem to Royal Enfield’s diverse portfolio.

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