Accident cases have been increasing significantly in India in recent years, mainly due to the rising number of vehicles on the roads. With increased wealth, more people are buying cars, leading to a higher risk of accidents. As a result, road safety has become a major concern, and several rules have been implemented to regulate driving in India. One such rule is the minimum age requirement for driving a vehicle.

Minimum Age for Driving in India


According to Indian law, the minimum age for driving a vehicle without gears is sixteen years, while for driving a geared vehicle, one must be eighteen years old. This means that to drive a scooter, one must be at least sixteen years old and also possess a learner’s license. However, in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, children as young as thirteen years old have been spotted riding scooters.

Caught by Traffic Police


A video went viral on social media showing two children being caught by the traffic police while riding scooters. The children were fearlessly riding on the road when the traffic police noticed them and stopped them. The police interrogated them and asked them to call their parents. Surprisingly, the children asked the policeman for his mobile phone.

Children’s Attitude


In the video, the traffic police can be seen explaining to the children the risks of riding a scooter at such a young age. However, the children seemed unfazed and were seen chewing gum while the police talked to them. This video surprised many people on social media, as it showcased the children’s nonchalant attitude towards the policeman.

  • Accident cases have increased in India due to the rising number of vehicles on the roads.


  • The minimum age for driving a scooter in India is sixteen years.


  • In Bhopal, thirteen-year-old children were caught riding scooters.


  • A viral video showed the traffic police stopping the children and interrogating them.


  • The children displayed an indifferent attitude towards the police while chewing gum.

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