AC Helmets Introduced for Traffic Policemen in Ahmedabad

A new experiment has been initiated by the department to provide AC helmets for traffic policemen working at traffic signals in Ahmedabad. These helmets are equipped with a battery-powered cooling system to protect the policemen from the scorching heat, dust, sunlight, and pollution. This recent experiment has allowed some policemen to wear these AC helmets while on duty.

Arrangements for Winter and Rain, but Nothing for Sunshine

While traffic policemen are provided with raincoats during the rainy season and jackets in winters, they have to bear the extreme heat of the sun during summers. Even though it is currently the rainy season in Ahmedabad, there are still hot afternoons when the policemen have to perform their duty. The introduction of AC helmets has significantly improved their working conditions, even in the scorching heat.

Runs for Hours on a Full Charge

The AC helmets resemble regular helmets in appearance but contain a built-in fan that provides cool air like an air conditioner. These helmets can be used for several hours on a single charge. The helmet and battery are connected by a wire that needs to be tied around the waist of the person wearing the helmet. However, this experiment is still in its early stages, and its effectiveness will only be determined after its completion.

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Summary at glance

The department has started an experiment with AC helmets for policemen on duty at traffic signals in hot weather. The helmet is powered by a battery and protects the policemen from heat, dust, sunlight, and pollution. Some policemen in Ahmedabad were seen wearing these helmets recently. The helmet has a fan that provides cool air like an AC and can be used for several hours on a single charge. The experiment is still in its early stages, and its usefulness will be determined later.

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