India is witnessing a shift in the auto sector with the introduction of electric vehicles and now the possibility of driverless cars. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has spoken against driverless cars in the past, but recent developments suggest otherwise.

A Toyota RAV4 car in Pune equipped with LiDAR R system hints at the potential testing of self-driving cars in the country.

Potential Market for Driverless Cars


India, being a vast market for vehicles running on different fuels, can also prove to be a significant market for driverless cars. With constant advancements in the auto sector, the prospect of seeing driverless cars on Indian roads is becoming more feasible.

The presence of Automotive Research Association of India’s sticker on the testing model of Toyota RAV4 SUV further fuels speculations about driverless car testing in India.

Media Reports and Speculations


Recent media reports and images shared by automobile websites like Rushlane have sparked discussions about the testing of driverless cars in India. The pictures of Toyota RAV4 SUV with technical devices installed in Pune for testing have raised speculations about the possibility of driverless cars soon hitting Indian roads.

The images have garnered attention and triggered discussions about the future of autonomous vehicles in the country.

News Summary


  • India may soon witness the testing of driverless cars, with the recent sighting of a Toyota RAV4 SUV equipped with technical devices in Pune.


  • The presence of LiDAR R system in the car hints at the potential for self-driving cars being tested in the country, marking a significant development in the Indian auto sector.

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