Tata Motors is offering significant discounts on their electric vehicles this month in line with World Environment Day and subsequent environmental conservation efforts. The discounts are aimed at clearing out MY2023 stocks of the Nexon EV and Tiago EV, with additional offers on MY2024 models as well.

1. Tiago EV

Tata is providing higher benefits on the MY2023 stocks of the Tata Tiago EV, with discounts reaching up to Rs 95,000. For MY2024 models, mid-range variants receive discounts up to Rs 60,000, and long-range variants get benefits worth Rs 75,000. Last month, the MY2024 long-range models were given discounts of Rs 52,000.


Battery Options:

  • 19.2kWh Battery: Claimed range of 250 km, 60bhp motor, 110Nm torque, 3.3kW home charger.
  • 24kWh Battery: Claimed range of 315 km, 74bhp motor, 114Nm torque, 7.2kW home charger.

2. Nexon EV

The highest discounts are on the MY2023 Tata Nexon EV, offering benefits up to Rs 1.35 lakh. The updated MY2024 Nexon EV models receive discounts up to Rs 85,000, excluding the Creative + MR variant. The Nexon EV is priced between Rs 14.49 lakh and Rs 19.49 lakh.


Battery Options:

  • Mid-Range (MR): 30kWh battery, 127bhp motor, 215Nm torque, ARAI-certified range of 325 km.
  • Long Range (LR): 40.5kWh battery, 143bhp motor, 215Nm torque, claimed range of 465 km.

3. Punch EV

The recently launched Tata Punch EV has the least discounts, offering benefits up to Rs 10,000 this month. It is available with two battery pack options.



Battery Options:

  • 25kWh Battery: Claimed range of 315 km.
  • 35kWh Battery: Claimed range of 421 km.

Price Range: Rs 10.99 lakh to Rs 15.49 lakh.


Key Takeaways:

  • Tata Motors is offering significant discounts on electric vehicles in June 2024 to promote environmental conservation.
  • The Tiago EV MY2023 models have discounts up to Rs 95,000, and MY2024 models have discounts up to Rs 75,000.
  • The Nexon EV MY2023 models have the highest discounts up to Rs 1.35 lakh, while MY2024 models have discounts up to Rs 85,000.
  • The Punch EV offers benefits up to Rs 10,000.


Important Information in Tabular Form:

Model Battery Options Discount (MY2023) Discount (MY2024) Price Range (MY2024)
Tiago EV 19.2kWh (250 km), 24kWh (315 km) Up to Rs 95,000 Mid-Range: Up to Rs 60,000; Long-Range: Up to Rs 75,000
Nexon EV 30kWh (325 km), 40.5kWh (465 km) Up to Rs 1.35 lakh Up to Rs 85,000 (Excluding Creative + MR) Rs 14.49 lakh – 19.49 lakh
Punch EV 25kWh (315 km), 35kWh (421 km) Up to Rs 10,000 Rs 10.99 lakh – 15.49 lakh

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