Classic motorcycle enthusiasts in India rejoice! The iconic Rajdoot brand might be making a comeback. There’s a buzz around the possibility of new Rajdoot models hitting the market in 2024, but here’s what we know so far:

  • Relaunch Rumors: There’s no official confirmation from any authorized Rajdoot source, but rumours and news tidbits are swirling. YouTube channels and online publications are abuzz with speculation about new Rajdoot bikes.


  • Model Mystery: Details about the upcoming models are shrouded in secrecy. Some sources suggest a revival of classic Rajdoot designs with modern upgrades to meet BS6 emission standards. Others hint at entirely new motorcycles.


  • Engine Expectations: Whether Rajdoot goes the classic two-stroke route or embraces modern four-stroke technology remains to be seen. Speculation ranges from smaller 125cc engines to a powerful 350cc machine – catering to a wider audience.


  • Yamaha Connection: Some sources hint at a collaboration with Yamaha, sparking dreams of a powerful and feature-rich Rajdoot. However, this remains purely in the realm of speculation.

Classic Brand, Modern Approach (Maybe)

While details are scarce, a Rajdoot relaunch would likely target the growing nostalgia segment in the Indian motorcycle market. But with established players like Royal Enfield dominating the retro space, Rajdoot would need a competitive edge.

Here’s what enthusiasts might be hoping for:

  • Modern Features: Classic design with modern safety features like ABS and fuel injection could be a winning combination.
  • Competitive Pricing: Nostalgia might not be enough. A competitive price tag would be crucial to attracting budget-conscious buyers.
  • Performance Focus: Striking a balance between classic charm and modern performance could be key.

Stay Tuned for the Official Announcement

While the rumours are exciting, it’s important to manage expectations. There’s no official confirmation from Rajdoot, and the relaunch might not materialize.

However, for those who hold the Rajdoot name close to their hearts, this buzz is a welcome development. Keep an eye on official channels and credible motorcycle news sources for further updates. The legendary roar of Rajdoot might return to Indian roads sooner than we think!

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