Potato is the king of vegetables. In India, it is cooked and eaten throughout the year. As soon as potatoes go above Rs 20 per kg, people find potatoes very expensive. If it is told in our country that there is such a variety of potatoes in the world, the price of which is not Rs 100-200 per kg, but in thousands of rupees, then many people will not believe it. But, it is true. The price of Le Bonnotte Potato, produced in France, competes with the price of gold and silver. At the price of 1 kg of potatoes, the ratio for the whole month can come very easily.

The price of Le Bonnotte potato is Rs 50,000 per kg. It means that for the amount of money you will spend buying 1 kg of French potatoes, you can buy 100 quintals of potatoes from the market of any potato-producing district of Uttar Pradesh. The wholesale price of potatoes in UP and Haryana is currently at Rs 5 kg or Rs 500 per quintal. People are ready to buy this potato by standing in line. But not everyone even gets the expensive Le Bonnotte potatoes. The reason for this is its low production. The production of this potato is only 100 tonnes in the whole world. It is grown in France, that too in a very less area.

Why is it so expensive?
Le Bonnotte is a rare variety of potatoes. It cannot be grown everywhere. It is cultivated on the French island of Ile de Noirmoutier. Only 50 square meters of the island itself is used to produce Le Bonnotte. Seaweed is used to produce it. Producing it is a lot of hard work. The salty air from the sea, sandy soil and seaweed give it a unique flavour and quality. Only 100 tonnes of it is produced in a year.

Ready in 90 days
Le Bonote is ready in 90 days. However, its excavation is done before it is fully prepared. It is sown in February and removed from the field by May. Its test is salty. It is not peeled because it has a unique taste and many medicinal properties in its peel itself.

It takes 2500 men to dig 100 tonnes.
Le Bonnotte Potatoes have to be dug very carefully. Its peel is very delicate as well as valuable. This is the reason that every potato is carefully removed by hand. It is excavated in 1 week. At least 2,500 people are involved in this work.

Le Bonnotte is sold in 10 days. Potatoes are sold in 10 days only. It is auctioned for sure. Along with vegetables, this potato is also used to make soap and cream. Doctors say that it is also used in making medicines to treat many serious diseases.