There is not a very sharp jump in crude oil prices in the international market today. WTI crude is trading at $ 80.70 per barrel with an increase of 0.11 percent. At the same time, Brent crude has gained 0.15 per cent to reach $ 85.12 per barrel. Oil marketing companies in the country have released the latest petrol and diesel rates. Every morning 6 fuel prices are revised in India. Before June 2017, the revision in prices was done after every 15 days.

Today, there is no significant fluctuation in petrol and diesel prices even in different states of the country. Telangana and Mizoram are the 2 states where there is a sharp variation in the price of fuel. Petrol has become costlier by Rs 1.56 and diesel by Rs 1.46 in Telangana, while it has become cheaper by 99 and 91 paise in Mizoram. In Punjab, petrol is getting cheaper by 29 paise at Rs 97.61 and diesel by 28 paise at Rs 87.95. Petrol has become cheaper by 37 paise and diesel by 35 paise in West Bengal. There is a slight increase in the price of fuel in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Petrol-diesel prices in all four metros
– Petrol Rs 96.72 and Diesel Rs 89.62 per liter in Delhi
– Petrol is Rs 106.31 and Diesel Rs 94.27 per litre in Mumbai
– Petrol Rs 106.03 and Diesel Rs 92.76 per litre in Kolkata
– Petrol Rs 102.63 in Chennai and diesel Rs 94.04 per liter

New prices continue in these cities as well
– Noida’s petrol has increased to Rs 96.59 and diesel to Rs 89.76 per litre.
– Rs 96.58 in Ghaziabad and Rs 89.75 per liter of diesel.
Petrol has become Rs 96.61 and diesel Rs 89.80 per litre in Lucknow.
– Petrol in Patna has become Rs 107.48 and diesel Rs 94.26 per litre.
– Petrol has become Rs 84.10 and diesel Rs 79.74 per litre in Port Blair.

New rates are issued every morning at 6 am
Every day at 6 am the prices of petrol and diesel change, and new rates are issued. After adding excise duty, dealer commission, VAT and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles from the original price. This is why we have to buy petrol and diesel so expensive.

This is how you can know today’s latest price.
You can also know the daily rate of petrol and diesel through SMS. Indian Oil customers can get information by sending RSP and their city code to 9224992249, and BPCL customers can get information by sending an SMS to 9223112222 by typing RSP and their city code. Whereas HPCL consumers can know the price by sending HPPrice and their city code to 9222201122.