In response to the surge in dog bite cases, Noida authorities have declared mandatory pet registration for residents. The measure is aimed at mitigating pet attacks and ensuring responsible pet ownership.

Subheading: Consequences of Non-Compliance

Residents who fail to register their pets will face fines. The exact amount has not been specified yet, but it is hoped this will deter irresponsible pet ownership and behaviour.

Subheading: Expansion of the Initiative

The problem isn’t confined to Noida, with numerous pet attack incidents reported in the Delhi NCR region. Officials are planning to roll out this rule across the entire region soon.

News Summary:

  • Rising dog bite cases have prompted Noida authorities to mandate pet registration for residents.
  • Non-compliance with the registration requirement will result in fines.
  • The initiative, aimed at curbing pet attacks and promoting responsible pet ownership, is expected to be implemented across the entire Delhi NCR region soon.

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