As the festive season ushers in a wave of travelers, Indian Railways has taken a proactive step to accommodate the surge. In light of the increased demand during the Chhath festival, the railways have announced the operation of special train services to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers.

Special Train Services for Chhath Festival

  • Train No. 03435 Malda Town-Anand Vihar Terminal Chhath Special will run on November 13th, in addition to its previously scheduled services on November 20th and 27th.
  • Train No. 03436 Anand Vihar Terminal-Malda Town Chhath Special will also be operational on November 14th, supplementing the earlier announced runs on November 21st and 28th.

Stations of Convenience

These special trains will make stops at various strategic locations, ensuring that travelers from different regions can benefit from these services. The stops include:

  1. Bhagalpur
  2. New Farakka
  3. Bodinga
  4. Barharwa
  5. Sahibganj
  6. Pirpainti
  7. Kahalgaon
  8. Sultanganj
  9. Jamalpur
  10. Abhaypur

These additional stops are aimed at providing convenience to passengers traveling to and from smaller towns, reflecting Indian Railways’ commitment to connecting diverse parts of the country.

Travel Made Easier

The introduction of these special trains is expected to alleviate the pressure on regular services and provide a reprieve to those who plan to travel during this busy time. Passengers are encouraged to take advantage of these additional services and plan their journeys accordingly.

Stay Informed

Travelers are advised to stay updated with the latest schedules and book their tickets in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Indian Railways continues to strive for excellence in service, especially during times of high demand, ensuring that the festive spirit is not dampened by travel woes.

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