As per report by The Pune Excise Department has launched a stringent enforcement drive following a tragic accident involving a Porsche, which resulted in the deaths of two IT engineers in Kalyani Nagar. This accident has prompted a closer examination of alcohol consumption regulations in the city.

Enforcement Drive Details

As part of this crackdown, 32 establishments across Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), and rural areas have been targeted, with their premises being sealed for non-compliance.

  • Targeted Areas:
    • Pune
    • PCMC
    • Rural regions surrounding Pune
  • Number of Establishments Sealed:
    • 32 establishments

Pune Excise Department Makes Drinking License Mandatory After Porsche Accident Tragedy

Drinking License Requirement

Pune Excise Deputy Superintendent Sujit Patil emphasized the importance of having a drinking license for individuals consuming alcohol in clubs, restaurants, and bars.

  • License Acquisition:
    • Licenses can be obtained from the excise department, online, or directly at the establishment.
    • Only individuals over the age of 25 are permitted to consume hard liquor.


Response from Establishments

In light of the crackdown, restaurant and bar owners have taken measures to comply with regulations and inform their customers of the new rules.

  • Informational Boards:
    • Boards have been put up outside establishments to inform patrons of the drinking age and license requirements.


  • Identification Bands:
    • Drinkers will be given separate bands to easily identify them within the premises, ensuring that only licensed and eligible individuals consume alcohol.


Ongoing Efforts

The Pune Excise Department remains committed to enforcing these regulations to ensure responsible and legal alcohol consumption.

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