In a significant development aimed at improving urban infrastructure, the Noida Authority has announced plans to connect a new bridge over the Hindon River opposite Sector 146 with the upcoming Jhatta Underpass along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.

This initiative is set to streamline traffic flow and enhance connectivity between Noida and Greater Noida, marking a pivotal enhancement in the region’s transport network.



  • Strategic Infrastructure Development: The construction of the new bridge and the Jhatta Underpass is a strategic move to bolster the connectivity between Noida and Greater Noida. This link will facilitate smoother and more efficient traffic movement, reducing travel times and alleviating congestion in these rapidly growing urban areas.


  • Enhanced Traffic Management: The integration of these infrastructures will significantly improve the traffic dispersal system. Vehicles traveling from Noida towards Greater Noida will now have a more streamlined route, as the traffic will descend from the expressway’s service lane to reach the new road, leading directly to the bridge.


  • Construction of New Roads: To support this new connectivity, additional roads are being constructed. These roads will not only provide direct access to the bridge but also enhance the overall usability of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, especially benefiting commuters heading towards LG Chowk from Noida.


  • Increased Usage of Underpass: The completion of these projects is expected to increase the utilization of the Jhatta Underpass. By providing a direct route from the expressway’s service road to Sector-145, the underpass will become a key component in the area’s traffic management, offering a quicker and more convenient passage for commuters.


Project Planning and Implementation:

The Noida Authority has finalized the plan and is ready to commence the work on this ambitious project. The roads starting from the 45-meter road in Sector 145 will mark the beginning of a new era in transportation, promising a significant improvement in the commuting experience for thousands of residents and visitors.

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