In response to numerous complaints about alleged harassment of drivers during nighttime traffic checks, the Gurugram Police have decided to halt issuing traffic fines at night. DCP Traffic Virender Vij has issued instructions to ensure that vehicle owners do not face undue trouble during the night. However, strict measures against drunk driving will continue unabated.

Key Directives from the DCP Traffic

  • Restriction on Nighttime Fines: The DCP’s directive, issued on May 28, states that traffic inspectors must instruct their subordinates not to stop or fine vehicles at night. If a traffic fine under the Motor Vehicle Act is deemed absolutely necessary, prior approval must be obtained from a senior officer.


  • Strict Compliance and Penalties: The DCP has warned that any police personnel failing to adhere to these instructions will face strict departmental action. Immediate action will be taken against any traffic police officer found neglecting these orders.


  • Purpose of Nighttime Traffic Police: The nighttime traffic police are tasked with assisting the public and ensuring smooth traffic flow, not harassing vehicle owners unnecessarily.


Reasons for the Change

The decision comes after it was observed that traffic police deployed at night were stopping vehicles unnecessarily and issuing fines, causing inconvenience to the public. The DCP emphasized that the primary role of nighttime traffic police is to help people and manage safe passage in case of road accidents.


Role of Nighttime Traffic Police

  • Public Assistance: Traffic police on night duty are to guide and assist people, ensuring they reach their destinations safely.


  • Accident Management: In case of accidents, officers should immediately assist injured individuals to nearby trauma centers and clear accident vehicles from the road to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Ongoing Measures Against Drunk Driving

Despite the new restrictions on issuing fines, the Gurugram Police will maintain strict enforcement against drunk driving. Weekly campaigns will continue to check and penalize those driving under the influence to prevent major accidents.

Community Impact

While the new directive aims to reduce harassment and improve the experience for nighttime drivers, there have been concerns about potential increases in traffic rule violations. Reports indicate that many drivers tend to speed and drive recklessly at night, leading to accidents. Additionally, there have been incidents of stunt driving at night.

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