In response to increasing pollution levels, Delhi is preparing to hike parking fees. The new rates will differentiate between peak and non-peak hours. When the second stage of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) is implemented due to heightened pollution, parking fees will increase.

Cars will be charged ₹30 per hour and two-wheelers ₹15 per hour. Currently, the rates are ₹20 per hour for cars and ₹10 per hour for two-wheelers.

Annual Increase in Registered Vehicles

The proposal includes detailed statistics about vehicle numbers in Delhi. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, as of August 2023, there are over 1.42 crore registered vehicles in Delhi. From 2021 to 2022, there was an annual increase of over 32% in registered vehicles.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation has prepared a proposal to implement new rates for parking in colonies and residential areas, which will be presented at the council meeting on Thursday.


Senior Official’s Statement

A senior municipal corporation official stated that the continuous increase in the number of vehicles is contributing to rising pollution levels. Therefore, there are plans to increase parking fees. The corporation aims to implement the increased parking fees, which are applicable under the second stage of GRAP, even during normal days. A policy for this is also being planned and will be presented to the council.

Categorization of Parking Areas

Delhi has over 420 parking areas under the municipal corporation, including about 400 surface parking lots and the rest as multilevel car parks. The proposal includes categorizing these parking areas based on the colonies they serve.

Measures to Reduce Traffic Congestion

An official explained that areas such as South Delhi, East Delhi, North Delhi, and West Delhi, especially around malls, cinemas, and shopping complexes, face significant crowding, particularly in the evenings and on weekends. The new proposal aims to categorize parking areas to address these congestion issues.

Vehicle Type Current Rate Revised Rate
Two-Wheelers ₹10 per hour ₹15 per hour
Cars ₹20 per hour ₹30 per hour
Buses, Trucks, Others ₹50 for 5-24 hours ₹75 for 1-3 hours (Category A) and ₹50 for 1-3 hours (Category B)
Two-Wheelers (Long Duration) ₹50 for 1-3 hours (Category A) and ₹25 for 1-3 hours (Category B) ₹130 for 2 hours (Category A) and ₹80 for 2 hours (Category B)
Cars (Long Duration) ₹300 for 5-10 hours ₹500 for 5-12 hours (Category A) and ₹300 for 5-12 hours (Category B)
Buses, Trucks, Others (Long Duration) ₹100 per hour for 5-24 hours ₹150 per hour for 12-24 hours (Category A) and ₹100 per hour (Category B)

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