In an initiative to regulate and streamline the use of government cars and fuel consumption, the Finance Department has laid out new criteria specifically targeted towards Ministers, Chief Secretaries, Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, and Heads of Departments. The updated guidelines are designed to balance the necessity of official transportation with fiscal responsibility and budget constraints.

Detailed Breakdown of the New Criteria

Fuel Consumption Limits:

  • Chief Ministers and Ministers: Retaining the previously established quota, Chief Ministers and Ministers will continue to be entitled to 600 liters of petrol or diesel monthly, ensuring they have adequate fuel to fulfill their administrative obligations efficiently.
  • Officers in Old Raipur: Officers residing in Old Raipur are now set a limit of 250 liters to cater to their commuting requirements.


  • Officers in Nava Raipur: A more conservative fuel limit of 80 liters has been allocated to officers stationed in Nava Raipur, reflecting possibly shorter travel distances or fewer transportation needs in this area.
  • Office Bridge Vehicles: Vehicles designated for use in office bridge operations are assigned a monthly limit of 375 liters, tailored to their specific utility roles within government operations.


Vehicle Purchase Price Cap:

  • Chief Ministers: The maximum earmarked budget for the purchase of a car for Chief Ministers is set at Rs 12 lakh.
  • Ministers: For other Ministers, the cap on the purchase price of a car is placed at Rs 10 lakh.
  • Officers: The officers are allocated a maximum of Rs 8.50 lakh for buying government cars, ensuring the vehicles are affordable yet functional for official use.

Objective of the New Guidelines

The primary aim of these updated guidelines by the Finance Department is to ensure that the use of government resources is kept within reasonable limits, promoting both economic efficiency and accountability. By setting clear criteria, the department hopes to curb excessive spending and optimize operational costs associated with the transport needs of government officials.

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