Great news for aspiring drivers! You no longer need to go to the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) for your driving test. Now, you can take your driving test at private training centers or driving schools.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has announced new rules for obtaining a driving license. These new rules will come into effect from June 1, 2024, introducing three major changes.

🚦 Three Major Changes in Driving License Rules

  • Private Driving Schools for Tests:
    • Starting June 1, the requirement to take the driving test at an RTO will be eliminated. You can now take your driving test at private driving training centers. These centers will be authorized to conduct driving tests and issue driving certificates.


  • Heavy Fines for Underage Driving:
    • Driving without a license or at high speeds will attract hefty fines. Currently, fines range between ₹1,000 to ₹2,000. However, if a minor is caught driving, the parents will face legal action and a fine of ₹25,000. Additionally, the vehicle owner’s registration card will be canceled, and the minor will be disqualified from getting a license until the age of 25.


  • Simplified Documentation:
    • The documentation process for obtaining a new license has been streamlined. The requirements have been adjusted according to the type of vehicle (two-wheeler or four-wheeler), reducing the need for physical checkups at the RTO.


🚗 Removal of 9 Lakh Old Vehicles

The government’s new rules aim to reduce pollution. To achieve this, strict emission regulations will be enforced, leading to the phased removal of approximately 9 lakh old government vehicles from the roads.

📝 How to Apply for a Driving License

The application process for a driving license remains the same. Applicants can submit their applications online through the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways – Alternatively, applications can also be submitted at the respective RTO.

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