The New Delhi Railway Station has done away with the barrier parking system, making it easier for commuters to park their vehicles without worrying about hefty charges.


Until now, drivers had to pay ₹200 if they stayed for more than 15 minutes and a whopping ₹1000 if they stayed over 30 minutes within the barrier. This update follows a similar move made at the airport, aiming to simplify parking for daily commuters.


Different Types of Parking at Ajmeri Gate

Here’s a breakdown of the parking options available at the Ajmeri Gate side of the station:

  • General Parking: This is the most common parking area where vehicles can be parked for a standard fee.
  • VIP Parking: This area charges on an hourly basis, with additional charges if you park for more than 30 minutes.


  • Auto, Taxi, and Cab Parking: Specially designated for autos, taxis, and cabs.
  • Barrier Parking: Previously, this parking allowed free entry for the first eight minutes. After that, a parking fee was charged. Upon entry through the barrier, drivers received a ticket noting their entry time.


Key Takeaways

  • No More Barrier Parking: Easier and more affordable parking without the stress of high fees.
  • Simplified Options: Four main types of parking to cater to different needs.
  • Streamlined System: Aims to reduce congestion and improve convenience for daily commuters.


Parking Options at New Delhi Railway Station (Ajmeri Gate)

Type of Parking Details
General Parking Standard fee applies for parking.
VIP Parking Charges on an hourly basis, extra charges after 30 minutes.
Auto, Taxi, and Cab Parking Designated area specifically for autos, taxis, and cabs.
Barrier Parking (Removed) Previously allowed free entry for 8 minutes, followed by a parking fee. Removed to simplify parking.

This change is expected to make parking at New Delhi Railway Station more convenient for all commuters, ensuring smoother and more efficient access to the station.

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