Noida to Get a New Sports Complex: Exciting News from Noida Authority. Accelerated Preparations Underway

Noida Authority has ramped up its efforts to construct a state-of-the-art sports complex in Sector-123. With an estimated budget of around ₹70 crore, the facility will feature both indoor and outdoor sports amenities. Officials have announced that the tender for this ambitious project will be issued soon.

Design and Planning

The authority has already completed the design phase of the project with the help of a consultant. There are a few modifications needed before the design is finalized and the tender can be issued. To ensure the best practices, the Noida Authority team even visited the Sports Hub model in Kanpur.

Election Code Delays

The project had previously been put on hold due to the enforcement of the election code of conduct. Now, with the elections over, preparations have resumed in full swing.

Unique Facilities Planned

The new complex will offer facilities that are not available in the existing Noida Stadium (Sector-21A), Indoor Stadium, or the Sarfabad Mini Stadium. Planned amenities include a synthetic track, a javelin throw ground, a swimming pool, and other sports facilities.

Current Sports Infrastructure

Currently, Noida Stadium provides a variety of sports facilities including cricket, football, indoor games, shooting, tennis, wrestling, basketball, and badminton. The Sarfabad Mini Stadium also offers some sports facilities. This new complex will be the third major sports facility in the city, adding to the range of options available for athletes.

Additional Features

In addition to sports facilities, the complex will also feature a football ground and seating for spectators. A multi-purpose hall will be constructed as well. The entire complex will be built on 26.65 acres of land and will include a boundary wall and greenery with shaded areas.

Phased Construction

The construction will take place in two phases. The first phase will focus on developing the football ground and parking facilities. The second phase will involve the construction of an athletics track and other sports amenities.

Historical Context

The site in Sector-123 had previously faced opposition in 2018 when a dumping ground was proposed. Farmers’ organizations and local societies protested, leading to the cancellation of the dumping ground project. Farmers have been advocating for alternative development in every subsequent meeting.

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