NEW DELHI: Former South Africa great AB de Villiers reckons that India have bolstered a strong squad but the pressure of a home World Cup is the only obstacle that might come into play.

HTML Subheading: India’s Strong Squad

“I think India’s squad is incredible, really, really strong. Captain Rohit, Hardik Panday [is the] vice-captain,” de Villiers said.

HTML Subheading: Pressure of Playing at Home

“The only worry I have for India is playing at home. Last time they played in India, they won. There will be huge pressure. That’s the only big obstacle in my opinion,” de Villiers said on his YouTube channel.

HTML Subheading: Advice for Team India

De Villiers also has a piece of advice for Team India to counter the pressure in their bid to replicate the 2011 success.

“But go fearless. And that is exactly the word I’m talking about. Forget about the pressure of the nation, that’s something you can’t control. Control what you can control. Fearless is the word I’m looking for in the Indian squad. If they can do that, they’ll go a long way and most probably lift that trophy,” he said.

HTML Subheading: Suryakumar Yadav’s Potential

Former South African captain de Villiers also believes that top-ranked T20 batsman Suryakumar Yadav should make a slight adjustment in his mindset to mirror his accomplishments in the 50-over format.

“You guys know I’m a big fan (of Surya). He plays in a similar manner to how I used to play, but in ODIs, he hasn’t cracked it yet.”

“It is a tiny little mind switch that he’s got to make, and he’s got all the ability and capabilities that he needs to do that,” he added.

“I am very relieved to see SKY in the World Cup squad, I’m very happy about it. I hope he gets this opportunity in this World Cup,” he said.

★AB de Villiers believes India has a strong squad for the World Cup.
★He thinks the pressure of playing at home is the only obstacle.
★De Villiers advises Team India to play fearlessly and control what they can.
★He believes Suryakumar Yadav needs to make a mindset adjustment in ODIs.
★He is relieved to see Yadav in the World Cup squad and hopes he gets an opportunity.

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