The government is making every effort to relieve mobile phone users from unwanted calls and will soon launch a pilot project for Caller Name Presentation (CNP), which will display the caller’s name. Additionally, the government is preparing to introduce stringent penalty rules to curb such calls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Caller Name Presentation Pilot Project: The government is set to launch a pilot project to display the name of the caller.


  • Heavy Penalties: New rules with heavy fines for making unwanted calls are in the pipeline.
  • Monitoring High-Volume Call Numbers: Numbers making a large number of calls within a short period will be scrutinized.


New Measures and Benefits:

  • Pilot Project Implementation: According to a senior official from the Department of Telecommunications, preparations for the CNP pilot project are complete, and it will be launched soon in a specific region. This project will help identify the caller’s name when a call is received.


  • Investigating High-Volume Call Numbers: Numbers that make a significant number of calls within two to three hours will be investigated. This aims to tackle the issue of marketing calls made from multiple numbers.


  • Blocking Unwanted Calls: Currently, users can block unwanted call numbers, but marketers often switch to new numbers. The new measures will focus on numbers making excessive calls in short periods.


Additional Measures:

  • Commercial and Marketing Call Identification: Separate number series of 160will be issued for commercial and marketing calls, allowing consumers to decide whether to answer the call.


  • Telecom Sathi Portal: The Telecom Sathi portal will aid in actions such as blocking stolen mobile phones and preventing SIM card misuse.


These initiatives aim to protect consumers from the nuisance of unwanted calls by displaying caller names and imposing heavy penalties on offenders. By closely monitoring high-volume call numbers and providing clear identification for commercial calls, the government is taking significant steps to enhance the mobile user experience and curb unsolicited marketing efforts.

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