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There will be a loss on PF withdrawal within 5 years.

If you withdraw money from it within 5 years, then not only will you have to pay tax on your PF withdrawal, but you will also not get the benefit of tax savings on your own contribution under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. At the same time, along with tax savings on PF transfer, you will also be entitled to a pension at retirement. If the employee has worked in two different organizations for 5-5 years, then the tenure of 10 years can be completed by adding all the jobs. But the condition is that the employee should not change his UAN number in every job; the old UAN number will have to be continued. That is, a total tenure of 10 years should be completed on a single UAN.

Rule of monthly pension

According to the rules of EPFO, after working continuously for 10 years, the employee becomes entitled to a pension. The only condition in this is that the tenure of the job should be completed for 10 years. Service of 9 years and 6 months is also counted as equal to 10 years. But if the service time is less than 9 and a half years, only 9 years will be counted. In such a situation, the amount deposited in the employee’s Pension Account can be withdrawn even before retirement age because they are not entitled to a pension.