As the demand for electric vehicles continues to surge, numerous new companies are entering the market with innovative electric vehicle solutions.

One such newcomer is Kick EV, which has recently launched an advanced and stylish electric scooter named Kick EV Smassh. The Smassh e-scooter has quickly garnered attention due to its impressive design and features.

Range and Battery Specifications


The Kick EV Smassh e-scooter is available in two battery models: Kick EV Smash 72V, 35 Ah and Kick EV Smash 72V, 51 Ah. These models offer a certified range of up to 160 kilometers and 130 kilometers, respectively.

The batteries can be charged using a normal charger within three to four hours. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with a dual disc brake system on both wheels, ensuring enhanced safety for riders. The maximum speed of the Kick EV Smassh e-scooter ranges between 75 to 80 kilometers per hour.

Design and Price


Kick EV has meticulously designed the Smassh e-scooter with an eye-catching look, making it an attractive choice for consumers.

The electric scooter is available in two variants: the Kick EV Smash 72V, 35 AH priced at ₹150,320 and the Kick EV Smash 72V, 51 AH priced at ₹170,570 (ex-showroom).

Consumers can choose from six different color options: Obsidian Black, Zircon White, Garnet Red, Petalite Silver, Citrine Yellow, and Iolite Blue.

Key Features


The Kick EV Smassh e-scooter is packed with numerous advanced features, enhancing the overall riding experience. Some notable features include a digital speedometer, digital odometer, digital instrument control, combined braking system, double drum brake, hydraulic suspension, and LED lights. These features collectively contribute to the scooter’s appeal and functionality.

News Summary


  • Kick EV launches the stylish Smassh e-scooter in India.


  • Two battery models with ranges of 160 km and 130 km respectively.


  • Variants priced at ₹150,320 and ₹170,570 (ex-showroom).


  • Available in six color options.


  • Features include digital instruments, combined braking system, and LED lights.

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