Kia, a prominent player in the automotive industry, is all set to unveil its latest electric SUV, the Kia Syros. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to surge, the Syros is poised to make a significant impact in the market. This blog post will delve into the expected price, mileage, variants, alternatives, and specifications of the Kia Syros, providing you with a comprehensive overview.

Expected Price

While Kia has not officially announced the price of the Syros, industry experts estimate it to range between ₹35 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs in India. The final price will depend on the chosen variant, features, and optional extras. It’s worth noting that electric vehicles often qualify for government subsidies and incentives, which could potentially lower the overall cost for buyers.


One of the most crucial factors for electric vehicle buyers is the driving range on a single charge. Kia is rumored to equip the Syros with a robust battery pack that could deliver a range of 400-500 kilometers. This impressive range would make the Syros a practical choice for both city commutes and long-distance journeys.


Kia is likely to offer the Syros in multiple variants to cater to diverse customer preferences and budgets. We can anticipate at least two main variants:

  • Standard Range: This variant would come with a smaller battery pack, offering a decent range for daily driving and shorter trips.
  • Long Range: This variant would feature a larger battery pack, providing an extended range for those who frequently embark on longer journeys or desire extra peace of mind.

Additionally, Kia might introduce special edition variants with unique features and styling elements to further enhance the appeal of the Syros.


The electric SUV segment is becoming increasingly competitive, offering consumers a wide array of choices. Some of the notable alternatives to the Kia Syros include:

  • Hyundai IONIQ 5: Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 shares a platform with the Syros and offers a similar range and features.
  • Tata Nexon EV Max: A popular choice in India, the Nexon EV Max boasts a decent range and a more affordable price tag.
  • MG ZS EV: MG’s ZS EV is known for its spacious interiors and comfortable ride.
  • Tesla Model Y: For those seeking a premium electric SUV with cutting-edge technology, Tesla’s Model Y is a compelling option.



While the official specifications of the Kia Syros are yet to be confirmed, we can anticipate the following based on industry trends and rumors:

  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity ranging from 60 kWh to 85 kWh.
  • Motor: Single or dual electric motors, offering rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive options.
  • Power: Estimated power output ranging from 200 hp to 400 hp, depending on the variant.
  • Torque: Instantaneous torque delivery, typical of electric vehicles, providing quick acceleration.
  • Charging: Support for both AC and DC fast charging, with the ability to charge from 10% to 80% in around 30 minutes using a DC fast charger.


  • Features: Expect a host of modern features, including a large touchscreen infotainment system, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), connected car technology, and a panoramic sunroof.
  • Safety: Kia is known for prioritizing safety, and the Syros is likely to come equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features, including multiple airbags, electronic stability control, and autonomous emergency braking.

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