Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has introduced its new EV charging solution, JioEV Aries, available on Amazon. The product description on the e-commerce platform highlights that it is a universal Type 2 charging connector compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

The JioEV Aries Wallbox, designed for electric cars, comes with CE and ARAI certifications and features a charging capacity of 7.4 kW, making it suitable for overnight charging of electric vehicle batteries.

Key Features and Specifications

Charging Capacity and Compatibility:

  • Type 2 Charging Connector: Compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid cars
  • Charging Capacity: 7.4 kW, ideal for overnight charging



  • CE and ARAI Certified: Ensures quality and reliability


  • IP55 and IK10 Rating: Resistant to dust, water jets, and impacts, ensuring long-term durability in harsh weather conditions

Advanced Safety and Protection Features

The JioEV Aries charger offers comprehensive protection to ensure the safety of electric vehicles. The advanced safety features include:

  • Internal RCD
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Undervoltage Protection
  • Residual Current Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Ground Fault Protection
  • Integrated Surge Protection


Build and Installation:

  • Weight: 3.75 kg
  • Installation Options: Can be installed on a wall, pillar, or pole
  • Plug-and-Play Device: Equipped with RFID technology for easy connection and charging


Smart Connectivity Options

Optional smart features available through the Jio TruePower app include:

  • Connectivity Options: 4G, Wi-Fi, and LAN

The JioEV Aries has received positive customer reviews on Amazon, with the first review posted in April 2024.


Key Takeaways:

  • Reliance Jio has launched the JioEV Aries, a universal Type 2 EV charger, on Amazon.
  • The charger has a 7.4 kW charging capacity, making it suitable for overnight charging.
  • CE and ARAI certifications ensure quality and reliability.
  • IP55 and IK10 ratings guarantee durability in harsh weather conditions.
  • The charger features comprehensive safety and protection mechanisms.
  • Optional smart connectivity features are available through the Jio TruePower app.


Important Information in Short:

Feature Description
Charging Capacity 7.4 kW
Connector Type Type 2 (Universal)
Certifications CE and ARAI
Durability IP55 and IK10 ratings
Safety Features Internal RCD, Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Residual Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Ground Fault, Surge Protection
Weight 3.75 kg
Installation Wall, pillar, or pole
Smart Connectivity 4G, Wi-Fi, LAN (via Jio TruePower app)
First Review on Amazon April 2024

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