ISRO Confident and Prepared for Landing, Says Chairman S Somanath

“We are confident as everything has been all fine so far and there have been no contingencies faced until this juncture. We’ve done all the preparations and all systems have performed as we needed them to until this stage. Now, we are preparing for the landing with multiple simulations, verification and double verification of systems, checking of instruments’ health is being done today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday),” said ISRO Chairman S Somanath.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is confident and fully prepared for the upcoming landing mission. Chairman S Somanath has stated that everything has been going smoothly without any contingencies. All systems have performed as expected, and extensive preparations have been made for the landing.

Preparations for Landing

ISRO has been conducting multiple simulations and verifications to ensure a successful landing. The organization is double-checking all systems and instruments’ health. This process is being carried out on Monday and Tuesday to ensure that everything is in perfect condition for the landing.

With these meticulous preparations, ISRO aims to minimize any potential risks and increase the chances of a successful landing mission.

Confidence and Assurance

ISRO Chairman S Somanath expressed confidence in the agency’s preparations and the performance of their systems. He stated that there have been no contingencies or unexpected issues during the mission so far, giving them reassurance for the upcoming landing.

By conducting thorough simulations, verifications, and health checks of instruments, ISRO is leaving no stone unturned in preparing for the landing. The organization’s dedication and attention to detail are crucial in ensuring a successful outcome.

The successful landing mission would be a significant achievement for India’s space exploration efforts and a testament to ISRO’s capabilities. It would further enhance India’s reputation as a leading player in the global space industry.


ISRO is confident and well-prepared for the landing mission, with all systems performing as expected. The organization’s chairman, S Somanath, expressed assurance and highlighted the extensive preparations being undertaken. Through multiple simulations, verifications, and health checks, ISRO aims to ensure a successful landing. The upcoming mission is a crucial milestone for India’s space exploration endeavors.

  • ISRO Chairman S Somanath expresses confidence in preparations and performance of systems
  • Multiple simulations and verifications being conducted for a successful landing
  • Instruments’ health checked thoroughly on Monday and Tuesday
  • No contingencies or unexpected issues faced until this juncture
  • Successful landing mission would be a significant achievement for India’s space exploration

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