@dbreakings: In today’s fast-paced world, finding an affordable mode of transportation is essential. With the rising prices of bikes and cars, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a decision. However, there is an alternative that offers both versatility and affordability – a car. In this article, we will explore the benefits of purchasing a car instead of a bike and specifically focus on the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 as a reliable option.

1. Versatile car for Rs 36,000
2. Mileage of 30 Km
3. Affordable option
4. Greater safety and protection
5. Reliable second-hand car
6. Excellent mileage
7. Small engine but performs well
8. Features like touchscreen display, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay
9. Safety features
10. Purchase details

Instead of buying a bike, consider purchasing a versatile car for Rs 36,000:

When it comes to deciding between a bike and a car, many factors come into play. While bikes are known for their fuel efficiency and ease of maneuverability, cars offer a range of benefits that make them a more attractive option. One such benefit is versatility. With a car, you have the freedom to travel with family and friends, carry luggage, and even use it for business purposes. And the best part? You can own a car for as low as Rs 36,000.

The car offers a mileage of 30 Km, which surpasses that of most bikes:

One of the major concerns when it comes to owning a vehicle is fuel efficiency. While bikes are known for their mileage, cars have come a long way in this aspect. The car we are talking about offers an impressive mileage of 30 Km, which surpasses that of most bikes. This means that you can travel longer distances without worrying about refueling frequently.

The prices of cars and bikes have skyrocketed, making cars a more affordable option:

In recent years, the prices of both cars and bikes have witnessed a significant increase. This has made it challenging for people to afford a vehicle that meets their needs. However, cars have become a more affordable option compared to bikes. With advancements in technology and the availability of financing options, owning a car has become a reality for many individuals.

Cars provide greater safety and protection, especially in adverse weather conditions:

When it comes to safety, cars have a clear advantage over bikes. With a car, you are protected from external elements, such as rain, snow, and extreme heat. This is particularly important in adverse weather conditions, where a bike may not offer the same level of protection. Additionally, cars are equipped with safety features like airbags, parking sensors, and ABS, ensuring the well-being of both the driver and passengers.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is a reliable second-hand car available for Rs 1.5 lakh:

If you are considering buying a car, the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is a reliable option to consider. This second-hand car is available for Rs 1.5 lakh, making it an affordable choice for many individuals. Maruti Suzuki is a trusted brand known for its quality and durability, ensuring that you get a vehicle that will last for years to come.

The car has excellent mileage, ranging from 22-25 kmpl in petrol and 30-32 kmpl in CNG:

One of the standout features of the Maruti Alto 800 is its excellent mileage. Whether you choose the petrol variant or the CNG variant, you can expect impressive fuel efficiency. The petrol variant offers a mileage of 22-25 kmpl, while the CNG variant offers a mileage of 30-32 kmpl. This means that you can save on fuel costs while enjoying a smooth and economical driving experience.

Despite its small engine of 800cc, the Maruti Alto 800 performs well and has a 5-speed gearbox:

Don’t be fooled by the small engine size of 800cc in the Maruti Alto 800. This car performs exceptionally well, thanks to its efficient design and a 5-speed gearbox. The engine delivers adequate power and acceleration, making it suitable for both city commuting and highway driving. Whether you are navigating through traffic or cruising on the open road, the Maruti Alto 800 ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

It comes with features like a 7-inch touchscreen display, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay:

The Maruti Alto 800 is not just about performance and mileage; it also offers a range of features to enhance your driving experience. The car comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display, allowing you to access entertainment and navigation features with ease. Additionally, it supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, enabling seamless integration with your smartphone for hands-free calling, music streaming, and more.

Safety features include dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, and ABS:

Safety should always be a top priority when choosing a vehicle. The Maruti Alto 800 prioritizes safety with features like dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). These features provide added protection in the event of a collision or emergency situation, giving you peace of mind while on the road.

You can purchase the Maruti Alto 800 by making a down payment of Rs 36,000 and paying a monthly EMI of Rs 6,847 for 5 years:

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of owning a car like the Maruti Alto 800, let’s talk about the purchasing details. You can own this car by making a down payment of Rs 36,000. Additionally, you can choose to pay the remaining amount through easy monthly installments (EMI) of Rs 6,847 for a duration of 5 years. This makes owning a car more accessible and manageable for individuals with varying budgets.

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