Ford, a brand cherished by car enthusiasts, exited the Indian market in 2021. Despite its departure, Ford has left behind a loyal base of owners who prefer to upgrade their existing cars rather than switch to new models.

Much like the stories surrounding the VW Polo, Ford owners have been updating their EcoSport and Endeavour models with newer headlights, bumpers, and grilles. However, one EcoSport owner took it a step further by installing a level-2 ADAS system in his 5-year-old vehicle.

Meet Satya: The Man Behind the Mod

Satya, also known as Nightraven, is a chemical engineer from Hyderabad and the first EcoSport owner to integrate ADAS alongside other performance modifications. Currently working in Germany, Satya noticed the parts sharing across various Ford models and embarked on this ambitious project. He also tapped into Ford’s international parts catalog, which made the process a bit easier.

Parts Sourcing: A Global Affair

Sourcing the necessary parts was no simple feat. Satya relied on a mix of cross-referencing and resellers. For hard-to-find products not available through official Ford channels, he turned to AliExpress. This cross-border shopping experience was essential for his project.

The Marvel of Ford EcoSport ADAS

Satya has been working on his EcoSport since 2019, making numerous modifications. The crowning achievement, however, is the fully functional level-2 ADAS suite. This system includes features like auto emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, auto high beam assist, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, and cross-traffic alert.

The Technical Challenge

Unlike cosmetic changes, installing the ADAS system required precise engineering. Critical components like cameras and sensors had to be carefully placed. Satya enlisted the help of his father and brothers for some installations. Sourcing key components was a challenge too. He used a blind spot monitoring system from an old Ford F150, along with the ACC radar, camera, and 12-channel parking system from a Fiesta. Wiring harnesses with mounting brackets were taken from a Focus.

Installation Hurdles

One of the major concerns during the installation was the placement of blind spot sensors and drilling holes for the autonomous parallel parking system. The process also demanded careful flashing of the ECU and the installation of cracked codes. After over four years of meticulous work, Satya shared videos showcasing the fully functional ACC and Lane Keep assistance on his car. Despite the successful installation, it remains illegal under the MV Act 1988.

Cost Breakdown

For those interested in similar upgrades, Satya has shared a detailed guide on TeamBHP. According to him, the entire system cost around Rs 50,000, covering only the parts. Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • ADAS Camera: Rs 8,000
  • Mounting Bracket: Rs 7,000
  • Radar: Rs 12,000
  • ABS module for ADAS: Rs 12,000
  • BLIS sensor: Rs 8,000
  • Wiring Module: Rs 5,000
  • New steering stalk with ADAS controls: Rs 4,000

    The Bigger Question

    With such ambitious projects gaining attention, one might ponder: Should OEMs consider selling genuine ADAS parts as accessories to make these advanced systems more accessible?

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