Residents of Delhi are battling the most prolonged and intense heatwave in 14 years. In the first 17 days of June, the mercury hasn’t dipped below 40 degrees Celsius even once. Data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) indicate that such a continuous stretch of extreme heat hasn’t been recorded since 2011.


According to Safdarjung Observatory, which is Delhi’s benchmark weather station, the last comparable spell was in 2019, when 16 out of the first 17 days of June saw temperatures soaring above 40 degrees. In contrast, the year 2021 recorded only three such days.


Red Alert Issued for Tuesday

There’s no immediate respite in sight for Delhiites. The IMD has issued a red alert for Tuesday, predicting the maximum temperature could hit 45 degrees Celsius, with a minimum around 34 degrees Celsius. Winds could gust up to 40 kilometers per hour, adding to the discomfort.



Possible Weather Change on Wednesday

A slight change in weather conditions is anticipated on Wednesday due to the activation of a western disturbance. This could bring dust storms and light drizzles across different parts of the city, offering a brief respite from the extreme heat.


Impact of Continuous Heat

Prolonged periods of high temperatures are particularly taxing on the human body, which struggles to maintain its balance when the mercury stays consistently high. Night-time temperatures above normal can disrupt sleep, affecting overall health and well-being.


Heatwave’s Health Concerns

Continuous heat is more troublesome than intermittent hot days. Occasional dips in temperature give the body a chance to recover, but persistent heat can lead to severe health issues. Among these issues is the rise in kidney stone cases, which dehydration and heat stress have made worse.


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