Recent reports suggest that while mall culture might be declining in some parts of the country, there is a significant development that might change this perception. Plans are underway to build India’s largest mall, surpassing even the current largest mall, Lulu Mall in Kochi. This new mega-mall will be constructed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport) Aerocity in Delhi.

Current Largest Mall:

  • Lulu Mall, Kochi: Currently, the largest mall in India, covering an area of approximately 21.11 lakh square feet, housing around 300 stores. It is also the second-largest mall in Asia.


New Mall Details:

  • Location: Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), Aerocity, Delhi.
  • Completion Year: Expected to be completed by 2027.
  • Cost: The project is estimated to cost $2.5 billion (around ₹21,000 crore).
  • Size: The new mall will cover an area of approximately 28 lakh square feet, making it 7 lakh square feet larger than Lulu Mall.


  • Additional Development: Besides the mall, there will be office spaces, retail areas, food courts, and entertainment facilities spread over 1.80 crore square feet. This development will make it nearly twice the size of the existing mall in Vasant Kunj, Delhi.


Unique Features:

  • Underground Parking: The mall will feature underground parking facilities capable of accommodating 8,000 cars simultaneously.
  • Multi-Modal Connectivity: The development will enhance connectivity to the airport, which will include a new terminal to increase the airport’s annual capacity to 140 million passengers.


  • Employment and Infrastructure: By 2029, the Aerocity area is expected to employ around 2 million people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Project: Construction of India’s largest mall at IGI Airport Aerocity, Delhi.
  • Current Largest Mall: Lulu Mall, Kochi (21.11 lakh square feet).
  • New Mall Size: 28 lakh square feet.
  • Completion Date: 2027.
  • Cost: ₹21,000 crore ($2.5 billion).


  • Additional Development: Office spaces, retail areas, food courts, and entertainment facilities over 1.80 crore square feet.
  • Parking: Underground parking for 8,000 cars.
  • Employment Impact: Expected to employ 2 million people by 2029.
  • Airport Capacity: Increase to 140 million passengers annually.


Important Information in Short Form:

Feature Details
Location IGI Airport Aerocity, Delhi
Current Largest Mall Lulu Mall, Kochi (21.11 lakh square feet)
New Mall Size 28 lakh square feet
Completion Date 2027
Cost ₹21,000 crore ($2.5 billion)
Additional Development Office, retail, food courts, entertainment (1.80 crore square feet)
Parking Underground parking for 8,000 cars
Employment Impact 2 million jobs by 2029
Airport Capacity 140 million passengers annually

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