India’s iconic motorcycle, the Hero Splendor, is getting a fresh lease on life in the electric era, thanks to the innovative conversion kits from GoGoA1. Demand for these kits is soaring as more and more Splendor owners seek a sustainable and cost-effective way to transform their trusted bikes into zero-emission vehicles.

What is the GoGoA1 Hero Splendor Conversion Kit?

  • Key Components: The GoGoA1 kit replaces your Splendor’s petrol engine with a powerful electric motor (usually a hub motor in the rear wheel), a high-capacity battery pack, a controller unit, and other necessary wiring and components.


  • RTO Approval: Crucially, GoGoA1’s kit is RTO-approved, ensuring the conversion is legal and roadworthy. This is a major advantage for riders.


  • Range and Performance: The kit offers a claimed range of up to 151 km on a single charge, making it suitable for daily commutes and even occasional longer trips.


  • Cost: The kit itself costs roughly Rs. 35,000 (excluding battery), with the full cost including a battery pack potentially reaching Rs. 95,000.


Why the High Demand?

Several factors are driving the popularity of GoGoA1’s conversion kits:

  • Rising Fuel Costs: As petrol prices continue to climb, the economic advantages of switching to an electric powertrain become more apparent. Electric “fuel” is significantly cheaper.
  • Environmental Awareness: More people are choosing EVs to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to cleaner air.


  • Extended Vehicle Life: Conversion kits offer an attractive way to extend the life of older Hero Splendor models, especially considering the government’s tightening emissions regulations.
  • Convenience: Converting an existing bike is often seen as a simpler and faster alternative to buying a new electric motorcycle.


GoGoA1’s Expansion

In response to increased demand, GoGoA1 has ramped up its reach. They now have over 50 franchises across India, offering the conversion kit and related services. The company is also making it easier for customers to order kits online.

The Future of Motorcycle Conversions

The success of GoGoA1’s Hero Splendor conversion kit highlights a potentially substantial market for electric conversion kits in India. It’s a trend that could pave the way for the conversion of other popular motorcycle models, accelerating the country’s transition towards electric mobility.

Important Considerations

Before opting for a conversion kit, it’s essential to weigh factors like cost, potential impact on your Splendor’s performance and handling, as well as warranty implications. Research thoroughly and choose a reputable conversion kit provider.

Disclaimer: I aim to provide helpful and accurate information. It’s essential to consult GoGoA1 or other reliable sources for the latest details on their conversion kits, pricing, and services.

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