A new traffic rule has been implemented for two-wheeler riders, requiring them to wear a helmet while riding. Failure to wear a helmet will result in a fine, but even if the rider is wearing a helmet, a challan of Rs 2000 can be issued. The rule also states that if the helmet is not properly secured with its belt or if it is defective, a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed.


The new rule aims to promote road safety and reduce accidents by ensuring that riders wear proper helmets and follow traffic regulations. The fine for not wearing a helmet or wearing a defective one is meant to enforce compliance with the law and protect riders from potential injuries in case of accidents.


Additionally, the new Motor Vehicle Act also imposes fines for overloading vehicles, with a penalty of Rs 20,000 for violating the rules. An additional fine of Rs 2000 per tonne is levied for overloading, emphasizing the importance of following the regulations to ensure safety on the roads.

News Summary:


    • A new traffic rule requires two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet, with fines for non-compliance.


    • Fines of Rs 2000 can be imposed for not wearing a helmet or wearing a defective one.


    • Overloading vehicles can result in a penalty of Rs 20,000, with an additional fine for each tonne overloaded.


    • The rules aim to promote road safety and reduce accidents across the country.



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