HDFC Bank, a leading financial institution known for its competitive credit card offerings, has recently come under scrutiny from its customers due to changes in its card benefits and terms of service. Despite the bank’s reputation for providing attractive perks, there are no special deals currently being offered on HDFC Bank cards, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Changes in Credit Card Benefits

The bank has revised the benefits for its credit card users, specifically impacting those who frequently utilized the complimentary lounge access feature. Previously, cardholders enjoyed free lounge access every month, but starting from December 1, 2023, they will be limited to only two free passes.

Spending Thresholds and Quarterly Divisions

Additionally, holders of the HDFC Regalia credit card will now be required to spend a minimum of ₹100,000 every quarter to maintain their eligibility for certain benefits. The bank has redefined the calendar year into four quarters, with each quarter encompassing a three-month period.

New Borrowing Rules and Reward Redemption

For those looking to borrow funds using their Regalia credit card, new rules have been implemented. Post expenditure, cardholders are directed to visit the Regalia SmartBuy page on HDFC Bank’s website to avail themselves of specific benefits.

Voucher Redemption for Benefits

Customers can also earn vouchers that can be used to redeem the benefits accrued from their spending. This move is part of HDFC Bank’s strategy to streamline its rewards system and ensure that customers are actively engaged with the bank’s services.

The bank’s decision to alter the credit card terms has sparked conversations among users, with many expressing their concerns over the tightening of benefits that were once easily accessible. HDFC Bank has yet to respond to customer feedback on these changes.

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