In a significant move to benefit its customers, HDFC Bank has announced exclusive rates for its Special Edition Fixed Deposit scheme. This initiative is set to attract both regular and senior citizen depositors with its competitive interest rates.

Attractive Rates for Enhanced Savings

The bank is offering an annual interest rate of 7.15% for a tenure of 2 years and 11 months. For those looking to invest for a longer period, a rate of 7.20% per annum is available for a duration of 4 years and 7 months. These rates are designed to cater to different saving needs and timeframes of customers.

Additional Benefits for Senior Citizens

Understanding the unique financial needs of senior citizens, HDFC Bank has included an additional benefit in this scheme. Senior citizens are eligible for an extra 0.5% interest, making this an even more lucrative option for them.

Why Choose HDFC’s Special Edition FD?

Fixed Deposits are a popular choice for those seeking safe and reliable investment options. With HDFC Bank’s enhanced rates, customers can now enjoy higher returns on their savings. This offer is especially beneficial in the current economic climate, where securing high-yield, low-risk investment opportunities is crucial.

Important Information Table

Tenure Interest Rate for General Public Interest Rate for Senior Citizens
2 years 11 months 7.15% p.a 7.65% p.a
4 years 7 months 7.20% p.a 7.70% p.a


  1. What are the new FD rates offered by HDFC Bank?
    • HDFC Bank offers 7.15% p.a for 2 years 11 months and 7.20% p.a for 4 years 7 months.
  2. Is there an additional benefit for senior citizens?
    • Yes, senior citizens get an additional 0.5% interest.
  3. How can one avail of these special FD rates?
    • Customers can visit any HDFC Bank branch or use the bank’s online banking services to open a Special Edition Fixed Deposit.
  4. Are these rates applicable to existing FDs?
    • These special rates are applicable for new Fixed Deposits and on renewal of existing deposits.
  5. What makes HDFC’s Special Edition FD a good investment option?
    • The attractive interest rates, coupled with the safety and reliability of HDFC Bank, make this FD a good investment choice for both short and long-term savings goals.

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