Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has launched an ethanol-powered Toyota Innova, which will run completely on ethanol without the need for petrol.

The use of ethanol in cars is beneficial for the environment as it reduces environmental pollution.
Ethanol-powered vehicles also provide more mileage, and using ethanol can increase the income of farmers.

However, there are questions regarding the compatibility of ethanol with old cars and the availability of ethanol at petrol pumps.

Compatibility with Vehicles

★Only vehicles running on petrol can be powered completely by ethanol, while diesel-powered vehicles cannot run on ethanol due to differences in the engine.
★The issue of running old petrol cars on ethanol has not been addressed, and currently, only a maximum of 20% ethanol can be mixed with petrol in running cars.
★There are no petrol or ethanol kits available in the market, making it potentially harmful to use ethanol in old petrol cars.

Cost and Mileage

★Ethanol is expected to be much cheaper than petrol and diesel, with a price range of Rs 45 to 50 per liter, which is half the price of petrol and diesel.
★Cars running on ethanol are also expected to provide better mileage, with a mileage increase from 20 kmpl to 22-25 kmpl.


★While the launch of an ethanol-powered vehicle is a step towards reducing dependence on petrol and diesel, there are still unanswered questions regarding the compatibility of ethanol with old cars and the availability of ethanol at petrol pumps.
★It is important to consider the potential harm to the engine and other parts of the car when using ethanol in old petrol cars.
★Despite these challenges, ethanol has proven to be a viable alternative fuel in countries like the United States, where cars running on ethanol are already in production.
★Ethanol offers the benefits of reduced environmental pollution, increased income for farmers, lower costs compared to petrol and diesel, and improved mileage.

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