The city of Patna in India has been issuing challans (traffic fines) amounting to Rs 10 lakh (approximately $13,500) every day. This has resulted in the government collecting a staggering Rs 45 crore (approximately $6 million) in just one year from individuals who have violated traffic rules. The strict enforcement of traffic regulations aims to improve road safety and discipline in the city.

The Issue

The high number of challans being issued in Patna reflects the rampant disregard for traffic rules in the city. This poses a significant risk to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists. The government’s initiative to crack down on traffic violators by imposing heavy fines is an attempt to instill a sense of accountability and deter individuals from breaking the law.

Impact and Results

The hefty fines imposed on traffic rule violators have had a significant financial impact, with the government collecting Rs 45 crore in just one year. This revenue can be utilized for various purposes, such as improving road infrastructure, implementing better traffic management systems, and conducting awareness campaigns to educate the public about the importance of following traffic rules. Additionally, the strict enforcement of traffic regulations is expected to lead to a reduction in road accidents and fatalities, making the city safer for everyone.


The daily issuance of Rs 10 lakh worth of challans in Patna highlights the severity of the traffic rule violations in the city. The government’s efforts to crack down on offenders and collect fines have resulted in a significant sum of Rs 45 crore being recovered within a year. This serves as a deterrent to future traffic rule violators and emphasizes the importance of adhering to traffic regulations for the safety and well-being of all residents.

News Summary:
★Patna issues challans worth Rs 10 lakh every day for traffic violations.
★The government has collected Rs 45 crore in one year from traffic rule breakers.
★The strict enforcement aims to improve road safety and discipline in the city.
★The revenue can be used for road infrastructure improvements and awareness campaigns.

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