For years, Royal Enfield has been the undisputed king of the retro-classic motorcycle segment in India. But what if there was a worthy challenger, one that offered similar charm with modern features and a touch of British heritage? Enter the BSA Goldstar, a bike that’s stirring the pot and offering a compelling alternative.

So, what makes the Goldstar stand out? Let’s break it down:

Design & Style:

  • The Goldstar oozes classic charm with its round headlamp, teardrop fuel tank, and twin exhausts.
  • It’s a modern interpretation of the iconic 1950s BSA Goldstar, blending retro aesthetics with contemporary design elements.
  • The bike is available in three vibrant colours: Jet Black, Silver Star, and the signature Gold Star.


Engine & Performance:

  • The Goldstar packs a punch with its 652cc, parallel-twin engine, producing 47 bhp and 55 Nm of torque.
  • This makes it considerably more powerful than the Royal Enfield 650 twins, making it a better choice for highway cruising and spirited riding.
  • The engine delivers a smooth and refined experience, with a linear power delivery.


Mileage & Fuel Efficiency:

  • While official figures are yet to be released, initial reports suggest a fuel efficiency of around 25-30 kmpl, which is comparable to the Royal Enfield 650 twins.
  • This makes the Goldstar a practical choice for long journeys, with impressive range and economical fuel consumption.


Features & Technology:

  • The Goldstar comes equipped with modern features like a digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, and a USB charging port.
  • It also boasts a telescopic front fork and twin rear shock absorbers, providing a comfortable ride.
  • While ABS is not standard across all variants, it is available on the higher-end models.


Price & Availability:

  • The BSA Goldstar is priced competitively, starting at INR 4.13 lakh (ex-showroom).
  • This puts it in direct competition with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.
  • The bike is available for purchase through the official BSA dealerships across India.


Why Choose the Goldstar over a Royal Enfield?:

  • Performance: The Goldstar’s more powerful engine and refined performance make it a better choice for riders seeking a sportier experience.
  • Modern Features: The Goldstar offers a blend of classic style and modern features, making it a more well-rounded option.
  • British Heritage: The Goldstar boasts a rich heritage and a unique identity, appealing to enthusiasts seeking a bike with history and character.


Final Thoughts:

The BSA Goldstar is a compelling alternative to the Royal Enfield, offering a similar retro-classic appeal with a modern twist. It provides a more powerful, refined, and feature-rich experience, making it a strong contender in the segment. If you’re looking for a classic-styled motorcycle with a touch of modern flair, the Goldstar is definitely worth considering.

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