After an enduring span of 37 days marked by closure due to the farmers’ march to Delhi, the Ghazipur border has finally been reopened. This significant development occurred on Wednesday night, bringing a collective sigh of relief from commuters who had been facing severe traffic snarls due to the closure.

Dismantling Barriers for Smooth Transit

The reopening was facilitated by the meticulous removal of cement barricades on NH-9 at the UP Gate by the Delhi Police. In a move to ensure the free flow of traffic, the walls obstructing the service lanes on either side were also demolished. Consequently, motorists can now utilize the flyover and service lanes, promising a return to unimpeded travel.

Security Adjustments and Precautionary Measures

Although the security personnel have been withdrawn from NH-9, the area hasn’t been left entirely bereft of safeguards. Iron barriers and jersey barriers remain strategically placed, poised for immediate reinstallation if circumstances necessitate their return. This cautious approach underscores the authorities’ readiness to respond swiftly to any emerging situations.

Status Quo at Other Borders

While the Ghazipur border has seen a complete withdrawal of obstructions, the situation contrasts at the Shambhu border, where approximately five thousand farmers continue their strike. This ongoing protest has led to the decision to keep the service lanes on both sides of the flyover at the Singhu border closed. A similar scenario persists at the Tikri border, where complete reopening is on hold, and security forces remain stationed.

Key Highlights of the Border Reopening:

  • End of Closure: The 37-day long closure of the Ghazipur border has ended, with the area now fully accessible to the public.
  • Removal of Physical Obstructions: Cement barricades and walls on service lanes have been dismantled, facilitating smooth traffic flow.
  • Continued Vigilance: Despite the removal of security personnel, a system of barriers remains, allowing for quick closure if future protests necessitate.
  • Selective Openings: Complete reopening is exclusive to the Ghazipur border, with other areas like the Singhu and Tikri borders maintaining certain restrictions due to ongoing farmer protests.
  • Precautionary Approach: The maintenance of barriers and containers as precautionary measures until post the Lok Sabha elections indicates a strategic balance between normalcy and preparedness.

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