Where to Buy Surya Nutan Solar Stove | This government Surya Nutan Solar Stove is being sold indiscriminately in the market, get rid of expensive gas cylinders, now there will be feast everyday

Buy Surya Nutan Solar Stove 2023:

  • There are two units in this solar stove.
  • You can fit one unit in the kitchen while the other unit will have to be kept in the sun.
  • This stove has been prepared by the Research and Development Center of Indian Oil located in Faridabad.
  • The company says that this solar stove is a modular system.

Surya Nutan Solar Cooktop:

  • The rising prices of LPG have increased the difficulties of the common man.
  • In the era of inflation, the increase in the prices of cooking gas has increased the additional burden on the common man’s pocket.
  • The ever-increasing inflation has forced people to cut down on their basic needs.

If you are also troubled by the increased price of LPG cylinder, then there is good news for you. Instead of cooking gas cylinder, now you can also bring a special type of stove, which will neither need electricity nor kerosene to run.

Government company Indian Oil Corporation has developed an indoor cooking stove that runs on solar energy. The company has named it Surya Nutan Solar Stove. This solar stove comes with 2 units. It is a portable stove, so you can easily keep it in your kitchen or any other place at home.

Stove will have 2 units

Let us tell you that this solar stove is of two units. You can fit one unit in the kitchen while the other unit will have to be kept in the sun. This stove has been prepared by the Research and Development Center of Indian Oil, Faridabad. The company says that this solar stove is a modular system and can be designed as per the requirement.

Stove will run on hybrid mode

If you install this solar stove at home, then you can get relief from expensive LPG cylinder. This solar stove can be run on hybrid mode. That is, this stove can be run with solar as well as electricity. It is available in several models. Its premium model can comfortably cook a day’s meals for a family of four on a single charge.

This will be the price of solar stove

You can buy Surya Nutan Solar Stove from the market. Its base model costs Rs 12,000 while the top model costs Rs 23,000. However, the company has said that its price will come down in the future.

The hearth is charged by the sun’s rays

Solar stove is charged by the rays of the sun. The life of this stove is said to be about 10 years. This stove is connected to the solar plate. The stove is connected to the solar plate through a cable wire and receives solar energy.

Salient Features:

  • Surya Nutan is a Stationary, rechargeable, and always kitchen-connected indoor solar cooking.
  • Surya Nutan offers online cooking mode while charging through the Sun which maximizes the system efficiency and ensures high utilization of energy from the Sun.
  • Surya Nutan has a detachable heat control assembly for on-demand energy release required for cooking.
  • Surya Nutan works on a Hybrid Mode (i.e. can work on both solar & auxiliary energy source simultaneously) which makes the Surya Nutan a reliable cooking solution.
  • Insulation design of Surya Nutan minimizes radiative and conductive heat losses.
  • Surya Nutan has the ability to cook food through boiling, steaming, frying and can also cook rotis.
  • Surya Nutan is available in three different models, Surya Nutan L is for Suntime cooking, Surya Nutan LD is for lunch and dinner and Surya Nutan LDB is for all three meals cooking for a family of four.
  • Surya Nutan can be used in all weather and seasons including when the Sun is not available for long durations or for continuous days, such as monsoons and extreme winters.
  • All the safety aspects required in any indoor appliances are inbuilt in Surya Nutan.
  • Surya Nutan is a low or no maintenance system and the product has a long life.
  • Surya Nutan is a modular system and can be designed in different sizes as per the requirement.
  • Time required for cooking on Surya Nutan is comparable with the time taken when cooked using LPG.

Indian Oil Corporation Number

Toll FREE Number: 1800-2333-555
Commercial LPG Helpline No. 1860-5991-111

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