Weather Changes Expected in Uttar Pradesh in Next 24 Hours, Cyclonic Winds to Bring Relief

Folks in Uttar Pradesh, brace yourselves! The weather department has predicted a shift in weather over the next 24 hours. Thanks to the pressure from cyclonic winds, we might see some thunderstorms and light rain from Saturday through Sunday.

This change is likely to bring down the temperatures, offering some relief from the scorching heat. But don’t get too comfortable—temperatures are expected to rise again after June 3.

Heat Intensity and Public Distress

Record-Breaking Heat in Lucknow

Lucknow residents, you’ve felt the burn! The last day of May saw a new heat record with the maximum temperature hitting a whopping 45.8 degrees Celsius, which is 5.6 degrees above normal. This day has been declared the fourth hottest in the past five decades. On top of that, power cuts across the city have only added to people’s woes.

Why the Temperature Spike?

Blame it on the desert winds. The westerly winds from desert regions have been driving up the temperatures.

With no rain for a long time, the ground in Lucknow has been heating up, causing the mercury to keep climbing.

The heat was so intense that morning walkers retreated back to their homes by 8 AM, and venturing out between noon and evening was almost impossible.

Night-Time Temperatures and Heat Impact

Unbearable Night Heat

Friday night was no better, with temperatures unusually high at 41.2 degrees Celsius by 8:44 PM. This made spending the night a real endurance test. Night temperatures staying 3.1 degrees above normal only worsened the situation.

Upcoming Weather Predictions

Short-Lived Relief

According to the weather department, while some relief is on the horizon, it will be short-lived. As we endure this heatwave, it’s crucial to stay safe, conserve water, and use electricity judiciously to tackle potential resource shortages.

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