Traffic rules and regulations are enforced globally, and violations can lead to substantial fines or even vehicle seizure.

However, some drivers remain unaware of traffic rules, often resulting in penalties, while others intentionally ignore them. To address this, a new system is being developed that will automatically generate fines at petrol pumps for vehicles without a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.



Key Highlights:

  • ₹10,000 Fine for Missing Pollution Certificate:
    • Driving without a valid pollution certificate can result in a fine of up to ₹10,000.
    • Despite the importance of the certificate, many drivers neglect to renew it.
    • Vehicles missing a valid certificate will now be blacklisted.


  • Automatic Fines at Petrol Pumps:
    • Petrol and diesel are essential for all vehicles. The new system will identify non-compliant vehicles at petrol stations.
    • High-tech cameras will trace the vehicle’s registration number.
    • The system will verify the status of the vehicle’s pollution certificate.
    • If the certificate has expired, the system will automatically send a fine to the driver’s phone.


  • Grace Period for Drivers:
    • Drivers will receive a grace period of a few hours to renew their pollution certificates.
    • The notification will inform drivers to renew their certificates by evening or the following day.
    • If the certificate isn’t renewed in time, a fine of ₹10,000 will be directly sent to the driver’s phone.


This automated system aims to ensure compliance with pollution regulations while offering a warning period before imposing fines. It encourages cleaner vehicles and safer roads through proactive monitoring.

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