As the Lok Sabha elections approach, the Delhi government has declared May 25 as a public holiday to facilitate voting. This announcement was made by the Labour Commissioner’s office on Wednesday, ensuring that all business establishments and industrial units comply with this directive.

Key Points of the Announcement

  • Holiday Declaration: The Delhi government’s Labour Commissioner has declared May 25 as a holiday for all business, commercial, and industrial establishments. This decision ensures that all employees can participate in the voting process without any hindrance.


  • Compliance Instructions: All business establishments and industrial units are directed to adhere to this holiday announcement. Employers are required to grant leave to their employees for voting purposes.


  • No Salary Deduction: It has been explicitly mentioned that there should be no deduction in the salaries of employees for this day. This move is aimed at encouraging maximum voter turnout by removing any financial disincentives.


  • Closure of Markets: The Confederation of All India Traders (CTI) has discussed the holiday announcement with several market associations across Delhi. CTI President Brijesh Goyal and Chairman Subhash Khandelwal informed that all wholesale markets along with 700 other markets in Delhi will remain closed on May 25 in observance of the elections.


  • Penalties for Non-Compliance: There is a provision for a fine of Rs 500 for violating these rules. This penalty ensures that all businesses take the holiday declaration seriously and comply with the government’s directive.

Importance of the Holiday

Declaring a holiday on the voting day underscores the importance of electoral participation in a democracy. By ensuring that employees have the day off to vote, the Delhi government aims to:

  • Increase voter turnout by removing work-related barriers.
  • Promote the significance of voting as a civic duty.
  • Encourage a fair and democratic process by allowing everyone the opportunity to vote.

CTI’s Role

The CTI has played a significant role in coordinating with market associations to ensure the successful implementation of this holiday. Their proactive approach ensures that the markets are closed, and employees are free to vote.

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