The Gurugram administration has implemented strict measures to tackle the water crisis caused by washing cars at home. A new directive has been issued to impose fines on those washing cars at home to prevent water wastage.

The administration has appealed to people to refrain from washing cars with supply water between 5 AM to 9 AM. According to the order, washing cars during these hours leads to water wastage, hence the step has been taken to address the issue.

Warning to Offenders

Despite warnings, if the rules are violated, the water supply connection to the household will be disconnected. The Nagar Nigam stated that the wastage of water due to car washing at home is increasing. People tend to use more water than necessary for washing cars, which burdens the water supply system.

Penalties for Offenders

As per the directive, those found washing cars at home during supply hours will be fined Rs. 5,000. Additionally, the water connection may also be severed, requiring consumers to pay an additional Rs. 1,000 for reinstatement. The administration hopes that this order will deter vehicle owners from wasting water in the city.

Tips for Cleaning Cars without Water

Even with minimal water usage, cars can be cleaned effectively. Using just a bucket of water, you can keep your car clean. Dry foam cleaner is essential for this task, as it minimizes water usage. Moreover, filling a spray bottle with water and using it along with dry cloths can help in cleaning the car efficiently.

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