The central government is gearing up to implement ropeway projects in remote hilly areas as an alternative to traditional rail and road connectivity. The aim is to introduce over 250 kilometers of ropeway facilities.

These projects will be launched in regions like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and the northeastern states, providing a much-needed boost to transportation in these remote areas. The initiative will offer an accessible and convenient transport option for both locals and tourists.

Vision 2047 Master Plan

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has included the ropeway project in its Vision-2047 master plan. A ministry official highlighted that the project is designed to tackle the challenges of transportation in remote areas.

Key Benefits of the Project


  • Minimal Land Requirement: Unlike traditional roads, ropeways require less land acquisition. The ropes are strung across towers, making the project cost-effective.
  • Ideal for Tough Terrains: Ropeways are perfect for challenging terrains. The system allows for long spans of rope, providing a direct route to the destination without the need for extensive land development.
  • Public-Private Partnership: The National Ropeway Development Program will be launched as a public-private partnership, offering an alternative to traditional national highways in hilly areas.

Boost to Tourism and Mobility

This transport method will provide mobility to people living in remote areas and tourists. Additionally, it will help farmers in hilly regions to sell their produce more easily in other areas.

Low Construction and Maintenance Costs

Ropeways operate multiple cars using a single power plant and drive mechanism, which significantly reduces construction and maintenance costs. The use of a single operator for the entire ropeway further cuts labor expenses, improving overall efficiency and passenger convenience.

Addressing Transportation Challenges

Developing a skilled transportation network in hilly regions is a considerable challenge. These areas have limited rail, road, and air transport networks.

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