New Delhi: Woman Raped and Abused for 1.5 Years, FIR Lodged

A shocking incident of rape and abuse has come to light in Timarpur, New Delhi. A 33-year-old woman was raped by five individuals who also subjected her to further mistreatment under the guise of deleting a video. The victim finally lodged an FIR on August 21, after enduring this ordeal for one and a half years.


The victim, who resides in Timarpur with her husband and child since 2021, used to work in the DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) since 2010. However, due to the absence of a creche facility at her workplace, she had to resign in 2017 and filed a lawsuit to address this issue. It was during her stay in the colony that she encountered individuals associated with certain political parties.

The Accused and the Crime

One of the accused, identified as Ranjan (name changed), works as a conductor in the DTC and holds a leadership position in the union. Exploiting the victim’s situation, Ranjan allegedly made a video of raping her in her own house after drugging her. This horrific act was repeated several times, leading to the victim having to undergo an abortion. Additionally, four of Ranjan’s friends also forced themselves upon her. The accused even extorted money from the victim.

FIR Lodged

The situation escalated on August 21 when Ranjan’s mother, wife, and some accomplices attacked the victim’s house. Fearing for her safety, the victim immediately reported the incident to the police, leading to the filing of a First Information Report (FIR).


  • A 33-year-old woman from Timarpur, New Delhi, was raped and abused for one and a half years.
  • The victim finally lodged an FIR on August 21, 2022.
  • The accused, Ranjan (name changed), is a conductor in the DTC and a union leader.
  • Ranjan made a video of raping the victim in her own house and forced her to undergo an abortion.
  • Four of Ranjan’s friends also sexually assaulted the victim.
  • The accused extorted money from the victim.
  • On August 21, the accused and their associates attacked the victim’s house, prompting her to report the incident to the police.

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