Travelers who board sleeper or AC coaches without a confirmed ticket need to be cautious. The Indian Railways has implemented strict measures to prevent this practice, which will now incur hefty penalties for violators.

No Entry for Waiting List Passengers

According to railway regulations, passengers with waiting list tickets are prohibited from entering sleeper and AC coaches. If found, checking staff will impose a fine and deboard the passenger at the next station.

Ensuring Passenger Convenience

Officials state that unauthorized passengers in these coaches disrupt the convenience of other travelers. This new measure aims to protect the comfort and convenience of confirmed ticket holders.

Who Typically Travels Without Confirmed Tickets?

Under current railway rules, online tickets are automatically canceled if not confirmed. However, offline tickets, booked at the window, do not have this provision, leading to passengers boarding trains without confirmed tickets. This issue has become more prevalent with the increased number of passengers during summer vacations, prompting numerous complaints from confirmed ticket holders.

On-the-Spot Action

The railway administration has received multiple complaints through various channels, leading to the decision to take immediate action during the journey. Passengers with waiting list tickets often move from one coach to another, occupying any available seat, causing inconvenience to those with confirmed reservations.

Key Takeaways

  • New Measures: Passengers without confirmed tickets will face penalties and deboarding at the next station.
  • Passenger Comfort: The move aims to ensure comfort and convenience for confirmed ticket holders.
  • Immediate Action: Railway staff will enforce these rules during the journey to address complaints effectively.
Details Information
Who is affected? Passengers with waiting list tickets.
Penalty Fine and deboarding at the next station.
Reason for the measure To protect the comfort and convenience of confirmed ticket holders.
Implementation Immediate action during the journey by railway checking staff.

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