The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has approved the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the Raxaul-Haldia 6-lane expressway under the Bharatmala Project. This expressway will pass through Deoghar and Jamtara, reaching the Haldia Port in West Bengal.

The project will include a 65-kilometer stretch in Deoghar and a 50-kilometer stretch in Jamtara. Upon completion, the travel time from Deoghar to Patna and Kolkata will be reduced to just three hours. T

he total cost of the project is estimated to be around ₹60,000 crores. The expressway, spanning 719 kilometers from the Nepal border at Raxaul to Haldia, will significantly enhance connectivity and economic development in the region.

Key Features of the Expressway

  • Route: The expressway will start from Raxaul and pass through East Champaran, Sheohar, Samastipur, Begusarai, and cross the Ganga River via a new bridge from Suryagarha to Malaypur, Chirayandi, Banka’s Katoria, Mohanpur in Deoghar, and further through Nagpur, Ghoramara, Sonaraytahdi, Palojori in Jamtara, reaching Kundhit, Bolpur, Arambagh, Rajhatty, East Midnapore, and finally Haldia Port.


  • Greenfield Project: The expressway will be a greenfield project, meaning it will not incorporate existing roads, ensuring a completely new infrastructure.


  • Industrial and Economic Development: The inclusion of Deoghar in the alignment is expected to spur industrial and economic growth in the region, facilitating faster transportation of goods and enhancing connectivity for residents.


Statements from Officials

  • Nishikant Dubey, MP, Godda: “Under the Modi Guarantee, approval has been granted for a 719-kilometer expressway from the Nepal border at Raxaul to Haldia Port. This 6-lane road will enable people from Deoghar and Santhal Pargana to reach Patna and Kolkata in just three hours. The project, costing approximately ₹60,000 crores, will directly link Bihar and Jharkhand with the port, creating a new industrial corridor. This road will be beneficial for mines and minerals transportation and enhance connectivity with Nepal, boosting tourism.”


Impact and Benefits

  • Economic Corridor: The expressway will create a new economic corridor, fostering industrial development in Deoghar and surrounding areas.
  • Travel Time Reduction: Significantly reduced travel times to major cities like Patna and Kolkata.
  • Improved Connectivity: Enhanced connectivity with the Haldia Port will benefit both Bihar and Jharkhand, promoting economic activities and tourism.
  • Infrastructure Development: Construction of new bridges and roads will improve overall infrastructure in the region.


Alternative Routes

  • Katoria to Mohanpur: The road will go from Katoria to Mohanpur, passing through Bishunpur, Nagpur, Ghoramara, Sonaraytahdi, and Palojori.
  • Ganga River Bridge: A new bridge over the Ganga River between Begusarai and Suryagarha will be constructed as part of this project.


Key Takeaways

  • The Raxaul-Haldia expressway is a major infrastructure project under the Bharatmala Project.
  • The expressway will pass through key regions in Bihar and Jharkhand, enhancing connectivity.
  • Significant reduction in travel time between Deoghar, Patna, and Kolkata.
  • Expected to boost industrial and economic development in the region.
  • Project estimated to cost ₹60,000 crores with a span of 719 kilometers.

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