Traffic congestion has become a major issue in 10 areas of the National Capital Region (NCR), causing chaos for commuters travelling from Delhi to Ghaziabad and vice versa.

Akshardham Flyover

During rush hours, traffic jams occur on NH-9 before the Akshardham Flyover, making it difficult for vehicles to move towards Noida due to narrow lanes. Widening of service lanes is being considered to ease the traffic.

Anand Vihar
In the evening, vehicles coming out of Anand Vihar onto the expressway face congestion as there is limited space for vehicles to merge onto NH-9. Plans are underway to make changes in the exit points.

MCD Toll Plaza
The toll plaza at the Delhi entry point from Ghaziabad causes traffic congestion as barriers in every lane slow down private vehicles. Free lanes should be allocated for private vehicles to reduce the traffic.

Traffic jams occur under the Kanavani Bridge before the Hindon Elevated Road due to buses and autos stopping to pick up and drop passengers. Widening of the road is being planned to address the issue.

Hindon Elevated Road
Before heading towards Rajnagar Extension from Delhi, commuters have to exit the expressway lane in front of Gajipur and take the elevated road on NH-9, leading to congestion. Changes will be made at the exit points.

In the morning, traffic congestion is observed at Chhijarsi Cut while travelling from Ghaziabad to Delhi. Plans are in place to widen the service road to ease the flow of traffic.

Traffic congestion on both sides of NH-9 in front of Sector-62, Noida, is a common occurrence. Efforts are being made to divert traffic directly towards Sector-62 from the service road by widening it.

Vijay Nagar
Traffic congestion at Vijay Nagar intersection is mainly caused by autos and carts. It is suggested to make this area a no-stop zone to improve traffic flow.

Traffic congestion is severe in Dasna on NH-9, with illegal parking on service roads near bank halls adding to the chaos. Creating dedicated lanes for traffic heading towards Hapur is recommended.

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