The efforts to connect Delhi and Noida with major cities across India are moving at a rapid pace. Uttar Pradesh (UP) has already laid down an extensive network of expressways, and two more are now in the pipeline. These new expressways are expected to significantly cut down the travel time from Noida to Lucknow, reducing it by almost half.

Additionally, there will be a reduction in the distance of over 70 kilometers. Both the UP government and the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) are building these expressways, which will also benefit those traveling to and from Kanpur.

NHAI’s New Projects

The NHAI is set to construct an expressway from Ghaziabad-Noida to Kanpur. Additionally, another expressway is being built between Kanpur and Lucknow. Once completed, there will be two routes from Noida to Lucknow: the existing Yamuna and Agra Expressways, and the new Noida-Kanpur and Kanpur-Lucknow expressways.

How Long Are These Expressways?

The expressway between Noida and Kanpur will span 380 kilometers and is expected to be ready by 2026. The NHAI has already completed 90% of the land acquisition for this project, and the detailed report has been sent to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for approval.

On the other hand, the expressway between Kanpur and Lucknow will be 63 kilometers long and is scheduled for completion by early 2025.

Shorter Distance

Currently, the distance from Noida to Kanpur is 380 kilometers, and from Kanpur to Lucknow, it’s 63 kilometers, making a total of 443 kilometers.

The existing route using the Yamuna and Agra Expressways covers approximately 511 kilometers. Thus, the new expressways will reduce this distance by around 70 kilometers.

Travel Time Halved

Traveling from Noida to Lucknow via the Yamuna and Agra Expressways currently takes about 7 hours. However, using the new expressways from Noida to Kanpur and then from Kanpur to Lucknow, the travel time will be nearly halved.

You will be able to reach Kanpur from Noida in just 3 hours and 20 minutes, and then Kanpur to Lucknow in just 35 minutes, making the total journey time around 4 hours.

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