Good news for residents and commuters in Greater Noida West: the Iteda roundabout will soon be free of traffic jams.

The Greater Noida Authority has initiated the construction of a U-turn near the Iteda roundabout on the 130-meter road to address the ongoing traffic congestion issues. The project is expected to be completed and operational by the end of this month.

Construction Details and Timeline

  • Initiation: The construction of the U-turn began after the tender process was completed before the Lok Sabha election code of conduct was enforced.


  • Expected Completion: The U-turn is anticipated to be operational by the end of this month.
  • Contractor Directives: Contractors have been instructed to expedite the construction process to ensure timely completion.

Traffic Management and Survey

  • Survey and Planning: To address the traffic congestion at the roundabouts, a joint survey was conducted by the traffic police, the authority’s team, and members of the NEFOWA (Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association).


  • Traffic Diversion Plan: It was agreed to close the Iteda roundabout and use U-turns on both sides to divert traffic, reducing congestion.
  • CEO’s Directives: Following the CEO’s directions, the construction of the U-turns has commenced.

Impact on Traffic Routes

  • No Route Changes: There will be no changes to the routes for vehicles traveling between the Char Murti and Ek Murti roundabouts.


  • Alternative Routes: Vehicles coming from the Crossing Republic or Shahberi areas and heading towards Sector 16B can use the U-turn in front of the petrol pump near the Char Murti roundabout.

Statement from the Authority

Senior Manager R.A. Gautam of the Greater Noida Authority stated, “To alleviate the traffic congestion at the roundabouts, we have started the construction of U-turns as per the CEO’s directions. This will ensure smoother traffic flow and reduce jams significantly.”

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